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Amazon Andes OrinocoChocó - Darién
Amazon Andes OrinocoMadidí- Tambopata
Amazon Andes OrinocoMarañón Ucayali
Amazon Andes OrinocoSavannas of Orinoco
MesoamericaSelva Maya
PatagoniaBlue Patagonia
Central Africa & Gulf of GuineaNouabalé Ndoki-Lac Tele
Central Africa & Gulf of GuineaOkapi-Maiko-Kahuzi-Biega
East Africa, Madagascar & Western Indian OceanMaMaBay
Sudano-SahelManovo Complex
Greater MekongTennaserim
Indo-MalayaBatang-Ai Complex
Indo-MalayaEndau-Rompin Complex
Indo-MalayaGunung Leuser Complex
Indo-MalayaNorthern Sulawesi-North Maluku
South Asia & Bay of BengalWestern Ghats
Temperate AsiaChangtang

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000< 20000000

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